New! - The Step-by-Step Guide to Operating a Successful Lawn Care Business

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Are you a skilled technician but have troubles running your business? Are you searching for solutions for operating your business more smoothly, while being more profitable? 

Many lawn care business owners and operators experience the same struggles while building their businesses. 

Lawn care business owner and certified consultant John Pajak has teamed up with Green Industry Podcast host Paul Jamison to create an in depth program that will help you avoid the common mistakes lawn care business owners and operators encounter. The Technical Guide to Operating a Successful Lawn Care Business is an invaluable resource that guides you through the common pitfalls lawn care business experience. 

Video Lessons Included in this E-Training:

1 - Turn the Dream Into Reality

2 - Is There a Need for What I Want to Do?

3 - You Don't Have to Sleep Where You Work

4 - Building Your Team

5 - Understanding Business Entities

6 - Legal Hoops and Red Tape

7 - Alternatives to Start Up- Should I Buy an Existing Business?

8 - Overview of Business Foundations

9 - Core Services

10 - Selecting the Right Equipment

11 - Business Systems

12 - Know your Numbers Part I

13 - Know your Numbers Part II

14 - Know Your Numbers Part III

15 - Marketing and Sales - Building your Client Base

16 - Growing Pains

17 - Service with Excellence

18 - Company Culture

19 - What To Do With Profits

20 - Conclusion