Price Increase Letter Template

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Grow Your Revenue

Raising prices can be frightening because we emotionalize it. However increasing prices is a regular routine of many successful lawn and landscaping businesses. Scheduling a rate adjustment before the start of each lawn and landscape season has been an industry best practice for years. 

Communicating your new prices with clients can be overwhelming if you have not successfully done it before. However conveying to your clients your new prices does not have to be difficult. The good news is our Price Increase Letter template can help you effectively communicate to your clients about your new rates.

What Everyone is Raving About

The Price Increase Letter is a solution for business owners who want to professionally communicate with their clients that their rate will be soon increasing. This downloadable template is easy to customize and provides clear messaging so that your lawn care customers understand the details of their transition to the new higher price for their lawn care and landscaping services.


"Just wanted to thank you again for the Price Increase Letter. We talked at the summit in Baltimore in January.  I put out the letter to my fertilizer program clients and didn’t lose one single account.  I raised my pricing on all aspects of my business as well. Mulching, edging, plantings, etc.  I am busier than ever right now, wishing I could retire from that police job that seems to get in the way!  Anyway, thanks again, have a great spring!"

- Jason Skiles, Pennsylvania

 "I used Paul's Price Increase Letter this offseason in February and sent it out to all my clients for a minimum of 10% increase and was able to get 100% acceptance rate from all my lawn maintenance clients! It is a great decision to raise your prices on a yearly basis."

- Jason Sease, Washington 

Raise your prices and earn more with the Price Increase Letter!