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The Ultimate Lawn Marketing Course

The Ultimate Lawn Marketing Course

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Unlock the Secrets Being Used by Top Marketing Agencies to Easily Add Great Clients

So many lawn care business owners struggle to get enough clients to grow the business and, worse still, the clients they do get are scattered around town. This means they are (1) wasting money on windshield hours (2) overspending on fuel, truck wear, etc. and (3) only servicing a 1/4th of what they really could do.

Most businesses fail for THIS reason: they use the wrong marketing strategy.

This is where the business owner throws in the towel and says, “marketing is a waste of money.”

And They struggle. They suffer for years. And then, their business fails. We’ve seen it far too often… 

Your business shouldn’t be a burden, and neither should payroll.

The Ultimate Lawn Marketing Course will give you the know-how and confidence to absolutely crush your competitors and scale your business to new heights.

In this course, you’ll learn the strategies and trade secrets used by Lightspeed Social Agency, one of the top marketing firms in the Lawn Care & Landscaping Industry. Cody Owen and his team ONLY work with lawn care professionals and have provided explosive growth to my business. These guys are the real deal!

The Only All-Inclusive Lawn Care Marketing Course

Create Eye-Catching Ads that Drive Conversions

  • You do NOT need to be a designer to make a draw-dropping ad. This course will show you how to do it in minutes, at any skill level.
  • Customers will be beyond impressed with your professionalism and you’ll look like one of the “big guys” even if you are a one-man crew.

Build a Powerhouse Facebook & Instagram Campaign

  • We’ll walk you step-by-step through the creation of an optimal Facebook and Instagram ad. These are not your DIY “boosted post.” These will absolutely blow your competitors out of the water.
  • Spend Your Marketing $$$ Wisely with our route-density-focused "hyperlocal" ads method.

Retarget Your Audience (so they’ll 100% see you again)

  • Get the 8-10 touches you need to actually close sales (while note wasting your ad spend dollars).

Sell While You Sleep With Automatic Follow Ups

  • Email Follow-Up Campaign Template with Pre-Written Emails INCLUDED

Unleash Digital Tactics Used by Pros

  • Nothing held back - every tactic we've used to scale businesses from $100k to $1M is in this course.

Get The Clients You Want

  • Learn to clone your best clients who live at the intersection of Easy-to-Work-With and Profitability. 

Good Marketing is Jet Fuel for Your Business

If you don’t take the steps now towards optimizing your business, you’ll soon be running on empty. With more and more competition entering the market, it’s never been more important to set yourself apart.

Word of mouth is great and all, but let’s pour some jet fuel in your tank.

Soon you’ll be “the lawn company” of your neighborhood, and start breaking those financial ceilings. 

What separates a 60k lawn care business from a 160k?


How do the big guys start raking in 7-figures?

Even more marketing.

You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels when it comes to growing your business.

This course is for business owners who…

... want to grow their business with nothing holding them back. This isn't for life-long learners who never get around to doing. 

If you are not going to implement these lessons, integrate the email campaigns, and start running Facebook and Instagram ads this season, you shouldn't buy this course.

BUT - if you're ready to grow your business at Lightspeed, this is the course for you. 


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