How to Know Your Numbers E-Training Program

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Are you looking to have a better understanding of the numbers of your business? Do you know what you need to charge per man hour to break-even with all the costs associated to operating your business? Do you know what price to charge to not only break-even but to earn the profits you desire? 

Calculating breakeven costs and establishing profitable man-hour rates can seem like a daunting task. However being crystal clear on what to charge your customer is of utmost importance to lasting success in the lawn care and landscaping industry. But, how do you calculate your breakeven man-hour rates?

The Know Your Numbers E-Training Program goes in depth with how to calculate break-even man hour service rates. In this E-Training you will discover how to collect all of your expenses required to operate your business such as: 

  • Direct Labor
  • Equipment Replacement Costs
  • Equipment Operational Costs
  • Overhead 
  • Marketing

John Pajak is a Certified Consultant and operates a successful lawn care business in Northwest Indiana. John joins Green Industry Podcast host Paul Jamison in this E-Training for a deep dive of what it actually means to know your numbers. Take the guesswork out of operating your business and bid jobs with confidence. 

Calculating breakeven costs recovery and establishing profitable man-hour rates is just the tip of the iceberg in this E-Training. You will also learn how to properly pay yourself from the business, how to track your money and time, how to build a financial team for your company, how to bill your customers so that you get paid faster, how to quote jobs and much much more about the business side of a lawn care business in order to operating a profitable business. 

Course Video Lessons:

  1. Know Your Numbers Preview
  2. How to Calculate Breakeven Man-Hour Rates
  3. How Do You Know Your Numbers w/ John Pajak
  4. Owners Pay and Profitable Pricing w/ John Pajak
  5. Pricing Matrix Tutorial
  6. How to Track Your Company's Money and Time
  7. Building Your Financial Team
  8. Billing Best Practices
  9. How to Successfully Raise Your Prices
  10. Understanding Your Market
  11. What To Look For When Giving a Quote
  12. How to Price Lawn Services
  13. Previewing Sod Installation
  14. How to Price Sod Installation

The Pricing Matrix is included in this course for free!