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Business Documents Bundle

Business Documents Bundle

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Grow Your Business With Confidence

This all-in-one bundle includes all of our business resources, and everything you need to build a strong and fruitful lawn and landscape business.

Skip the headache of unnecessary trial and error surrounding your business. There are a lot more important things to spend your energy on, rather than writing contracts or crunching numbers. We’ve done it for you!

What’s included in the Business Document Bundle is vital to the success of your business, and it will give you a massive heads up when it comes to growing and scaling. Hundreds of entrepreneurs like you have used these documents to find their way to financial freedom and happiness in their business.

Taking this step is crucial to your evolution as an owner.

Think of it like standing on the shoulders of giants. These documents are what they pros use to secure contracts, effectively increase their prices, and create profitable jobs year-over-year.

What's Included in this Winning Formula:

  • Price Increase Letter Template
        1. The Easy Method to increase prices successfully, each year
        2. Keep Clients Happy by properly presenting your value to them
        3. Adopt the "Pro" Strategy that I use to grow my business and profits
  • Lawn Care Maintenance Contract Template
        1. Pre-Written Template to clearly communicate your policies
        2. Collect Overdue Invoices with Ease backed by a legal document
        3. Easily Customized for the specific needs of your lawn care business
  • Landscape + Hardscape Jobs Contract Template
        1. Pre-Written Template: extremely detailed agreement with terms and conditions 
        2. Iron-Clad Protection for you and the business
        3. Easily Customized by your legal counsel for your specific needs
  • Pricing Matrix Spreadsheet + Tutorial Video
      1. Increase Profits with a complete breakdown of where money is being made/lost
      2. Know Your Numbers, at a glance, which customers are profitable
      3. Plug-and-Play. Easily calculate man-hours without pulling your hair out.

    As you know, a big part of running a profitable business is outsourcing areas of your to-do list that aren’t your field of expertise.

    Over the years, we’ve forged these documents with the help of professionals, as well as my own personal experience running a Green Industry business. 

    It’s all straightforward, no nonsense, and we cut straight to the chase - what’s the hold up?

     Upgrade your business today!


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