All-In-One Value Pack

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Save over $20 by bundling and getting all of Paul's books plus The Diligent Shall Prosper goal tracker and journal. 

With the All-In-One Value Pack you will gain knowledge and motivation to: 

  • Build a successful lawn care and landscaping business. 
  • Avoid the most common billing and invoicing mistakes. 
  • Get cutting edge marketing tips to get and keep the best customers.
  • Learn how to build your business to one day sell it for top dollar. 
  • Use the proven strategies other industry leaders have learned. 

What's Included? 

Cut That Grass and Make That Cash

The entertaining story of how Paul Jamison went from launching his landscaping business out of the trunk of a rusty 1997 Honda Accord to now serving high profile, celebrity customers such as professional sports athletes and coaches is inspiring. Paul will have you on the edge of your seat as he humorously shares his journey of what he learned in the school of experience and on the job training.

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Best Business Practices for Landscapers

This book is full of powerful insights you won’t find anywhere else. If you read this book and apply all of the lessons, you will watch your landscaping business profits skyrocket. Paul shares the best practices that industry leaders have discovered and how you can implement them in your business. 

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101 Proven Ways to Increase Efficiency and Make More Money in Lawn Care

Inside this book are 101 actionable specifics, the X’s and O’s to use a football analogy, on how to properly do the work and run your company. If you want to be the best at what you do and make even more money to help meet your financial goals, then this is the book you’ve been searching for. These extremely practical and time-tested strategies will not only help you grow a better business but will give you the confidence to be incredibly successful!

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The Diligent Shall Prosper

Achieve the goals and dreams you have for you and your business faster with the aid of this thought-provoking goal tracker and journal.

It is a time-tested principle that you can effectively propel your life forward by:

  • Writing Down Your Goals
  • Making Plans To Achieve Them
  • Working On Them Every Single Day

This practice has changed Paul Jamison’s life and the lives of millions of other people. It will change yours as well!

Start your adventure to new heights through the power of gratitude, a daily proverb from the wisest man to ever live, and recording your thoughts and observations in this journal. Develop the habits of diligent people that lead to prosperity and crushing your goals!

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