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Product Quantity

Rate Increase Letter

This is what everyone is raving about! The Rate Increase Letter is a solution for business owners who want to professionally communicate with their clients that their rate will be soon increasing. This downloadable template is easy to customize and provides clear messaging so that your customers understand the details of their transition to the new higher rate.


User Agreement

Eliminate the worry and hassle with a simple straightforward user agreement that provides in writing what services you are providing your customers and when their payments are due. Remove the gray areas and provide clarity to your clients with our fresh new user agreement.


Pricing Matrix

The Pricing Matrix gives you the same edge as the pros. This in-depth template spreadsheet is organized so that you simply input your job details and the formula will go to work for you so that you know exactly what your company is earning per man hour and it also provides the suggested new rate that you should be charging so that you can successfully achieve your company's goals. The Pricing Matrix spreadsheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc and also comes with an explainer video on how to use the spreadsheet.

Get the Pricing Matrix for free with your purchase of the product E-Training – Know Your Numbers!


E-Training - Roadmap to Success

This E-Training is designed for those who are just getting started in the lawn care and landscaping business and want to know the foundations on how to start and grow your business. Paul shares how to do marketing, select your service area, set your prices, billing, and so much more!


E-Training - Know Your Numbers - Bundle

Improve the performance in your business by understanding the important financial factors for operating a profitable business. In this E-Training Paul shares the details of how to price jobs, collect money from your customers and understand the nitty gritty details to make sure your business is growing it’s profits.

Included Products


Cut That Grass and Make That Cash - Signed Copy

This product includes an autographed copy of Paul's book, "Cut That Grass and Make That Cash".
You can buy an unsigned copy of the book on Amazon.


Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines Workshop with John Pajak

Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines is a 4-hour, one-on-one, online workshop that dives deep into
the everyday numbers of your business.


1 on 1 Coaching - Bundle

Schedule a 1 hour zoom meeting with Paul Jamison to create the roadmap for your business.


The Bundle includes the following products and services:

  • Pricing Matrix
  • Rate Increase Letter
  • User Agreement
  • Cut That Grass and Make That Cash – Signed Copy
  • E-Training – Know Your Numbers
  • E-Training – Roadmap to Success
  • Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines Workshop with John Pajak
  • 1 on 1 Coaching with Paul Jamison