E-Training – Know Your Numbers


Improve the performance in your business by understanding the important financial factors for operating a profitable business. In this E-Training Paul shares the details of how to price jobs, collect money from your customers and understand the nitty gritty details to make sure your business is growing it’s profits.

Included Products

Course Lessons:

  1. Welcome | Start With The End In Mind
  2. Recipe For Successful Pricing
  3. Learn What To Look For When Giving A Quote
  4. How To Price Lawn Services
  5. Previewing Sod Installation
  6. How To Price Sod Job
  7. A Formula That Really Works For Raising Rates
  8. Billing Knowledge and Know How
  9. If You Don’t Vet You’ll Regret

The Pricing Matrix is incluced in this course for free!

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