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Green Industry Podcast

How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training

How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training

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Discover the secrets to growing a successful Lawn Care & Landscaping Business...
"Here's A Proven Method For Accelerating Your Business on the Fast Track 
to Dominate Your Market & Crush Your Competition!"

Finally, a Complete Marketing Road Map that Shows You How to Navigate Your Market
To Get New Customers, Keep Existing Customers, and Continually Expand Your Profitability.


From the desk of Paul Jamison - Green Industry Podcast:

Take Your Business to the Next Level 

You know that you are good at what you do to provide quality service… whether it’s lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, or other important green industry specializations. You have developed your skills and expertise to offer real value to your customers… and you are learning more all time from your experience to do even better! 

Because of this, more people need to know about you and experience your hard-earned industry competence so they can benefit too from the services you offer.

It’s really a win-win situation... your market needs to know about you so they can benefit from being your customer…. and your company grows as you get more customers.

Business Growth & Profitability

Problem is… how do you get more customers? How can you consistently get new customers on an ongoing basis that is as simple as turning a crank on a wheel? How can you build a customer-getting machine for your business that will give reliable and predictable results to get new customers?

Historically, there are two tried and true ways for any business to constantly get new customers:

  1. Trial & Error – try every tactic you can think of and hope for the best… just see what works and what doesn’t… and after a lot of time and money spent, you will eventually figure it out. Guessing is cheap but guessing wrong is expensive.
  2. Follow a Proven System – that is, follow solid customer getting principles already known by experts and apply them properly to fit the green industry market for fast and cost saving results.

However, great marketing that consistently acquires new customers is just the start to growing your business. Successful business building not only includes having a marketing system for getting new customers, but also includes, building a proven system for keeping your customers happy, so that they will not even think about switching over to your competition. 

Finally, successful companies not only know how to keep their existing customers, but also know the proven ways to derive more revenue from their existing customers, successfully offering them additional services and products that they want. This last component to building a successful business allows company profits to soar.

The bottom line is this… given your established quality services you offer, your business profitability ultimately comes from the marketing systems you have developed that:

  1. get new customers,
  2. keep existing customers, 
  3. motivates existing customers to buy more services/products from you, and
  4. motivate your existing customers to refer even more new customers to your company.

When these four marketing systems are working continuously, your business is transformed into a profit making machine.

Learn How to Grow Your Business

Many business owners will hire a marketing consultant to show them how to build the right marketing systems that will put them on a productive growth trajectory that makes their company more profitable. But, good marketing consultants are often difficult to find because it is hard to know, without spending a lot of time and money with them, whether or not they can produce the results. 

Hiring a consultant is risky and expensive. That is why I have packaged, essentially what a good marketing consultant would tell you, to grow your business, and put it into my latest training called:

How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training

In this e-training, I let you in on an amazing discussion on business marketing I had recently with my friend and fellow business entrepreneur Dr. Frank. I recorded it all, so you can hear too. We uncovered many valuable marketing insights that together give you a literal roadmap on how to build the marketing systems you need to skyrocket your business growth and profits.  

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Meet the Authors:

Paul Jamison - Green Industry Podcast
Paul Jamison is the acclaimed host of the national Green Industry Podcast, a popular author on Lawncare business, and also in his second decade as a lawn care and landscaping business owner. His expertise is with the nuts and bolts of successfully operating a lawncare/landscaping business.

Dr. Frank - Franklin Holleman, Ph.D.
Dr. Frank has been a business entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has started and operated many offline/online service and product businesses. His expertise is in offline/online marketing principles based on solid business research. He holds a doctorate in Physics from Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology).

I have previously interviewed Dr. Frank on my Green Industry Podcast from time-to-time about various business topics and the response has always been tremendous. So by popular demand, I have recorded over 4 hours of hard hitting business marketing content we discussed that will transform your business. 

How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training is a powerhouse training on business marketing and business building that you do not want to miss. Dr. Frank articulates the key business growth principles you need to know that are well established in documented business research… and I translate those powerful principles into practical application you can use to accelerate the growth of your lawncare & landscaping business.

Here is a sampling of what you will learn in How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training:

  • Understand the top 7 marketing mistakes most companies make so you can avoid them and get a leg up on your competition.

  • Realize the primary ways that top green industry companies attract the best new customers.

  • Secrets to keeping your customers so happy that they gladly buy more services and products from you and even what to refer you to their friends.

  • Learn the most profitable strategies offering additional services and products to your customers so to increase per customer profits.

  • Know how to sharpen your market focus by determining your local market segments ripe for profits and how to prioritize them for your business efforts.

  • Find out how to really understand your ideal customer and what are their primary motivations for choosing your company over your competition.

  • How to determine the long-term profitability of your customers so you can more accurately plan your business expansion.

  • Master how to easily identify and monitor your competition so you can stay steps ahead of them anticipating their every move.

  • Learn the simple techniques to easily spot new market trends and changing customer needs to be the first mover in your local market to seize new opportunities.

  • Determine the key elements that you must have in your short-term and long-term marketing plans to be effective in getting and keeping customers.

  • How to identify what services and products are losing money and what to do about it so you improve revenues.

  • Know what technologies are critical to give you a competitive edge over your competitors so your profit margins are maximized.
  • …and so much more!


How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training™ - gives you a complete Marketing Road Map that will guide you through the most productive path in your local market to quickly grow your customer base and company profits.  Become a pro at getting New Customers and motivating them to buy more services and products to expand Your Profitability.

Expect the following results when you implement Business Building Essentials™...

  •  Know for sure that your lawncare & landscaping business is positioned best for longevity & profitability. 
  •  Avoid confusion and guesswork so that your business growth efforts are not wasted.
  •  Eliminate concern about your competition.
  •  Possess confidence that you will always be able to attract the best customers.
  • Rest assured that your day-to-day business plans are solid and will produce profit growth.
  •  Gain the satisfaction of knowing your lawncare business is headed to the next level of success.   

In Summary: How to Get and Keep Customers E-Training allows you to know what to do to maximize profits and beat your competition! Take action today and…

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Paul Jamison - Green Industry Podcast


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