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Price Increase Letter Template

Price Increase Letter Template

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Discover the proven method to easily increase your prices - year over year!

Introducing the Price Increase Letter.

Getting customers to jump on board with increasing prices has never been easier, which allows you to…

  • Earn more in less time, so you can build the business around you.
  • Increase your employee pay, guaranteeing you a cream of the crop team.
  • Make your customers happy. Yup, they will gladly pay more when you use the Price Increase Letter.

Increase Your Prices. Increase Your Revenue.

If you want to earn more, it’s this simple - raise your prices.

Worried you’ll tick off your customers and they’ll leave you for a competitor?

I get it. No one wants to be that company who looks money hungry. We both know this, increasing your prices comes down to much more than hefty profits. With the constant rise in fuel and equipment costs, you need to raise prices for the health and longevity of your business.

With the proven Price Increase Letter, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your new rates with your customers and they’ll be happy about it!

You can almost hear the shudder of worried sick business owners.

You might start to hear that nagging voice in your head - it sounds something like:

“They’re gonna leave you, there’s no way they’ll pay that…”

“Who do you think you are? You’ve only been in business for x amount of years…”

“But so-and-so charges x amount. They’ll easily nab my upset customers.”

Don’t listen to that. I call that the voice of resistance, holding you back from doing what’s best. The Price Increase Letter will help take all the worry and stress off your plate, because it works.

This is what all the top companies do and why they are so successful.

There’s an exact formula when it comes to raising your prices, and it’s been used by the pros for decades. The Price Increase Letter has been tested through and through by hundreds of lawn care entrepreneurs, and it keeps working!

Here’s the secret… 

It’s all about conveying a sense of value, so that the price doesn’t matter. It becomes part of doing business with you. Your best customers are called value customers as opposed to price customers. When you explain your price increase with a value first approach, your customers will understand the need for increased prices and even be happy to do so.

You’re ensuring your customers receive the same high quality and value they expect when doing business with you. They chose you for a reason, and they don’t want to lose you.

Why The Price Letter Template Works

This fully customizable template allows you to quickly plug-in your business details, and start sending emails out the door ASAP. You’re only holding yourself back the longer you wait.

The Price Letter Template provides clear messaging, so that your customers will understand and gladly accept the details of their new transition to a new higher price for your service(s).


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