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The Pricing Matrix Spreadsheet Calculator

The Pricing Matrix Spreadsheet Calculator

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User-Friendly Spreadsheet Template to Discover What You Are Earning Per Man Hour

Are you looking to discover what you are earning per man hour on each property? The Pricing Matrix gives you the same edge as the pros. This in-depth template spreadsheet is organized so that you simply input data and then the algorithm will crunch the numbers giving you valuable outputs about your pricing and what you are truly earning per man hour

How Does it Work?

Simply input the date you provided the lawn maintenance service of your customers property, the time you started the work, the time you finished, the price for the service, how many employees were on the job  and the formula will go to work for you so that you know exactly what your company is earning per man hour. Then, the spreadsheet will also provide the suggested new rate that you should be charging so that you can successfully achieve your company’s man hour rate goals.

The Pricing Matrix spreadsheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc and also comes with an explainer video on how to use the spreadsheet. This is a great resource to help you know your numbers. 

Huge Savings

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