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Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines Workshop with John Pajak

Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines Workshop with John Pajak

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Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines is a 4-hour, one-on-one, online workshop that dives deep into the everyday numbers of your business.

John Pajak will carefully review your data and together you will get detailed breakdowns of:

  • Direct Labor
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Equipment Operational Costs
  • Fixed Overhead Expenses
  • Indirect Labor Costs
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • And More

Compiling your data into a budget will identify what your break-even prices are for your services.  Knowing your break-even numbers will allow you to confidently price your services and assure your bottom line is profitable.

Why do you need the Budgets, Break-Evens, and Bottom Lines Workshop?

If you do not know your numbers your business cannot be profitable, scalable, or reliable.

Stop guessing and make the commitment to know what it truly costs to operate your business.


"John Pajak's BBB course is invaluable for those who want to be landscape business owners. John helped me find the numbers I need to move my business to the next level. If you don't know your numbers you're only working in your business not on your business."

- Russell Ackerman, California

"Going through the Budgets, Break-evens and Bottom lines workshop with John Pajak gave me great insight into my business. When I started my business last year I didn't know how to properly analyze my business, going through this workshop really opened my eyes about what goes into running a profitable business. John has a deep understanding of numbers and what it takes to run a profitable business. This was probably the best money I could of spent on my business and would recommend this workshop to everyone."

- William Makin, Utah

"Budgets, Break-evens, and Bottom Lines has brought, 'know your numbers' to life! It takes all the theory that I've learned and makes it practical. My business is now set up for success because I know exactly what to charge, and why. If you want to take the guess work out of your business, I recommend doing the workshop now." 

- Brent Stoy, Pennsylvania


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